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Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council USMA Family and Child Services:

Mission Statement / Department Objectives:

To support parents, extended families, and communities in protecting their children from abuse and neglect. To recognize and strengthen Nuu-chah-nulth culture and identity. To strengthen and maintain the extended family system. To ensure the healthy growth and development of all children within Nuu-chah-nulth families and communities.

To provide protective services to Nuu-chah-nulth families by investigating reports of child abuse and neglect and ensuring the safety and support of children whom are victims of abuse and neglect.

Contact Usma Nuu-chah-nulth at:
Phone: (250) 724-3232
Fax: (250) 723-6017
Toll Free: 1-877-722-3232

PO Box 99
4000 Stamp Avenue
Port Alberni, BC
V9Y 7M2

Helpline for Children

Kyra Mason - Director Family and Child Services

Tammy Fleming - Clinical Practice Leader

The USMA Program is comprised of 4 teams; each team has a Team Leader who is responsible to the USMA Director. The teams are as follows:

Child Safety Team

This team is responsible for assessment of all intakes, investigation of all reports of children in need of protection and case management of all family services and related child in care files. The staff composition of this team is:

Nicole Charlie - Team Leader “At Home”

Angie Smith
Social Worker

Crystal Bailey
Social Worker

Julie Fontaine
Social Worker

Troy Clarke
Social Worker

Kelly Edgar - Team Leader “Away from Home"

John Gomez
Social Worker

Robyn Zazula
Social Worker

Jennifer Chase
Social Worker

Danielle Johnston
Social Worker

Michaela Torry
Social Worker

Guardianship & Resource Team

This team is responsible for supervision of all children in continuing custody and the recruitment, training and support of all USMA resource homes. Family Support provides activities and cultural connections for children and youth in foster care, many of whom are away from their home communities. Referrals to the program are made through Usma Social Workers. The staff composition of this team is:

Sandra Karlsen - Team Leader Guardianship

Joni Miller
Social Worker

Kim Erickson
Social Worker

Melinda Sinclair
Social Worker

Penny Matthews
Social Worker

Lori Mason
Social Worker

Julia Hunter - Team Leader Resource

Amber Severinson
Social Worker

Charlene Thompson-Reid
Social Worker

Michelle Dick
Social Worker

Family Wellness Team:

Family Support provides activities and cultural connections for children and youth in foster care, many of whom are away from their home communities.
Referrals to the program are made through Usma and MCFD.

Linda Thomas
Family Support Worker


Tracy Green
Receptionist / Team Assistant Resource

Krista Wells
Admin. Assistant

Tracy Wong
Team Assistant Child Safety “At home” team

Cassandra Ahern
Team Assistant Child Safety “Away from home” team

Arlene Bill
Team Assistant Guardianship/Resources team

Val Gallic
Finance support

Foster Home

Have you ever considered becoming a Foster Home?
Are you able to provide a Safe, Nurturing home to children and youth?
Join USMA Family & Child Services & FAFP in learning about what is required to be a Foster Home. Have your questions about Fostering answered.

Useful Information for Foster Parents

BC Federation of Foster Parents Associations
Phone: (604) 664-0124
Fax: (604) 664-0127
Toll Free Foster Line: 1-800-663-9999
200 - 7342 Winston Street
Burnaby BC V5A 2H1

Federation of Aboriginal Foster Parents
Phone: (604) 291-7091
Fax: (604) 291-7098
3455 Kaslo
Vancouver BC V3M 3H4

BC Foster Parent Education Program
Dealing With Difficulties in Foster Homes Handbook
Emergency Information for Foster Parents
Foster Family Handbook
Fostering Makes a Difference
Know Your Rights- For Children In Care
Foster Home Standards
Residential Care Standards
Useful Tips for Youth Leaving Care
In Your Grasp
Dollars & Sense (PGT)

Upcoming Events

Survey Section

Help the Resource Team by filling out the following surveys.
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Resource recruitment and recognition survey
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Safe home survey
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The monthly report is an important part of the child's history - it is an accurate individual account of what transpired for the child while they were in care. To assist foster parents to meet this requirement please find attached two different monthly reporting sheets which can be completed and submitted to the child's social worker on a monthly basis.


Foster Home Website

Have you considered becoming a foster parent? Would you like to know more about what is required to become a foster parent? Usma Nuu chah nulth Family & Child services accepts applications for foster homes on a continuing basis. For more information, please visit our webpage

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