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Mission Statement:

The Nuu-chah-nulth Nursing Services partners with Nuu-chah-nulth-aht to deliver professional, ethical, culturally sensitive, and responsible care.

Community health nursing will: seek and encourage input from Nuu-chah-nulth members, local leadership, and other community health workers in determining health care needs through the CHS Board and setting health care priorities; in cooperation with the CHS staff, implement the prevention, health promotion, and other programs identified in the community health nursing planning.

Health Outreach Program (HOP)
The Health Outreach Program (HOP) was developed to provide outreach services to individuals who face challenges in accessing the health system. HOP is a collaborative effort and includes staff from Nuu-chah-nulth Community Health Nursing and VIHA Public Health and Mental Health and Addictions Services of the Vancouver Island Health Authority. HOP conducts clinics at the Bread of Life in Port Alberni and has a street nurse component.

For more information or to access services, please call the Port Alberni Health Unit at 250-731-1322 or Bread of Life at 250-724-5711.

Regions of Service
Job Description
Framework Beliefs
CHS Logo Design Description
Nursing Staff


Each life is a precious journey. Together we hold life's sacred gift, acknowledging our strengths, surviving on land and sea.

Each life connects. Together we respect and promote individual needs, family systems, and community empowerment.
Each life seeks fulfillment. Together we promote the full spiritual, emotional, mental and physical potential of individuals, families and communities.
Each life completes its cycle. Together we ask for protection, strength and guidance from Naas. Together we show compassion, respect and dignity from conception to death.


Disease Prevention
Immunization, Flu Shots
Health and Disease Information
Breast Feeding Support
Well Baby Clinics
New Parent Groups
School Visits
Pre-kindergarten Screening
Dental Health Information
Sexual Health Information
Women's Health Program
Men's Health Program
Diabetic Support Group
Nutrition Counseling
Home Visits
Hospital Visits
Hospital Liason Nurse
Urban Outreach Nurse
Referrals to Community Services
Hospital First Nations Advocate Nurse

Contact Nursing Services at the Main Office (Southern Region)

Tel: (250) 724-5757
Fax: (250) 723-5396

Jeannette Watts Manager of Nursing Services (All Regions)

Holly Harrison, Nursing Administration (All Regions)

Sandra Ethier, Clinical Services (All Regions)

Vicki McMillan, Administrative Assistant (All Regions)

The NTC Nursing Program is comprised of two teams;
each team has a nursing supervisor who is responsible to the Nursing Manager. The Teams are as follows:

Community Health Nurses (CHN): This team provides comprehensive community health programs including communicable disease control and maternal child health services. This program includes the following:

Michele Eng, RN, BScN, Community Health Nurse Supervisor(All Regions)

Southern Region
Carrie Pomery, RN, BScN
Heidi Nikiforuk, RN, BScN
Cynthia Fitton, RN, BScN
Francine Gascoyne, RN, BScN
Lucy Chiasson
Robyn Clarke

Central Region - Tofino CHS (Central Region) Phone: (250) 725-3367
Christine Curley, RN, BScN
Katelyn Thompson, RN, BScN
Kelsey Rix, RN, BScN
Amanda Aspinall, RN, BScN

Northern Region - NTC Northern Region Phone: (250) 283-2012
Sharon Johnson, RN, BScN
Alysha Jones, RN

Home and Community Care Nurses: This team provides assessments for community members needing assistance at home and includes the following:

Jeannette Tremblay, RN Home and Community Care Supervisor (All Regions)

Central Region - Tofino CHS (Central Region) Phone: (250) 725-3367
Diane Bradford, RN

Northern Region - NTC Northern Region Phone: (250) 283-2012
Gayle McCue, RN

Southern Region
Laurie Sinclair, LPN
Sonia Somerville RN
Deb Melvin, LPN
Jackelyn Seitcher, LPN

Aboriginal Nurse Liaison at West Coast General Hospital
250-731-1370, Ext. 48109
Vanessa Gallic, LPN


The Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council symbology is shown in the centre of the nursing framework picture. This depicts a partnership with the client and nurse. The partnership shows respect, which is at the core of Nuu-chah-nulth cultural beliefs and values.

One hand joined by two arms shows that each partner has responsibility, and that the two partners are working together to be responsible for self and others. The arm muscles depicts the strength that each partner brings to the relationship. Working as a team brings greater strength toward achieving improved health for all.

This symbology represents Nuu-chah-nulth cultural beliefs. In the nursing program, this symbology represents the nurses, clientele, and other community staff, and the Nuu-chah-nulth responsibility with strong emphasis on our culture which includes environment, spirituality, knowledge, compassion, teamwork and health. The symbology reminds us of the importance of Nuu-chah-nulth cultural values of combining peace and respect as we work together.

This symbol of unity rests upon the land at the edge of the sea with mountains and valleys in the background as the home of Nuu-chah-nulth Nations. Water represents the cleansing and the mountains represent where the people came from. The sun represents overall health of earth and mankind.

The paddles pointed up represent that the people come in peace and desire to work with you to create balance in all communities with mutual understanding, respect and clarity.

The four paddles depict the 14 various member tribes from different valleys within the Nuu-chah-nulth territories. The paddles represent the journey we all travel when we come in peace with ourselves, our families, and the nurses.

The paddles also represents the economic wealth of the people and as such can symbolize the need to manage resources, economics, education, social programs and politics.

The picture represents the natural rhythm and balance we create with each other and with the environment as we work together to improve and maintain a better state of health.

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